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Carel Cronje was born into a diplomatic family and considers himself an agent provocateur. During interviews, he’ll admit to being a jack-of-all-trades and master of some. In truth, he’s a published author who wrote his first novel at the age of eight and still has the 400-word manuscript to prove it. He’s a songsmith who insists on tittling i’s, tattling t’s and exalting alternative viewpoints. He’s also been a speech-, documentary-, script- and copywriter, a sound-engineer, a band-frontman, a news editor, a programme manager at a talk radio station and an award-winning broadcaster. He loves rhyme, rhythm, reading, story-telling and voice-artistry in general. He has an affinity for the underdog, prefers taking on insurmountable challenges and listening to Beethoven. In his spare time, he collects fountain pens and studio microphones.

Cornell Boshoff was drawn to the tonal qualities of the piano at a very early age. Exposure to the popular electronica artists of his youth piqued what has become a lifelong fascination with music technology. A stint as keyboardist in an experimental industrial rock band allowed him to develop his own voice and greatly expand his skills-set. The band’s measured success brought media interest that led to a series of commercial commissions – from radio jingles to complete pop records. His versatility in widely diverse musical genres has not only made him a popular song composer and album producer, but his love for expansive orchestral compositions and arrangements has culminated in critically acclaimed film scores. As a sideline, Cornell enjoys immersing himself in photography, desktop-publishing and graphic design.

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